Морспасслужба Росморречфлота




BERINGOV PROLIV – multipurpose salvage vessel

Ship-owner Marine Rescue Service
Type of the vessel Multipurpose salvage vessel
Flag Russian Federation
Home Port Korsakov
Year Build 2015
Classification КМ ★ Icebreaker 6 [2] AUT1-ICS OMBO FF2WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Tug SDS<60 Salvage ship HELIDECK Oil recovery ship.
Call Sign UBAN3
Sailing Area Unlimited including the Northern Sea Route
Official Number IMO No 9682411
Length Overall 86,95 m.
Length BP 79,88 m.
Breadth Moulded 18,50 m.
Depth Moulded 9,0 m.
Draught Loaded (full) 6,52 m.
Deck Area (Clear) 296 m²
Deck strenght, t/m² 3
Сargo hold’s deck, t/m² 5
Displacement (summer draft) 5818 t.
Deadweight 1371 t.
Gross Tonnage 4757 rt.
Net Tonnage 1427 rt.
Deck Capacities
Deck Area (Clear) 350m²
Deck equipment
Anchor 3 x 3.550 t.
Anchor Chain DIA :  50,0 mm,  742,5 m (357,5m ; 385m)
Towing winch Double-drum automatic towing winch «HATLAPA» pull of towing- 1000 кN
Tank Capacity
F. Water 107,20 m³
Wastewater 40,7m³
Liquid Mud 11,52 m³
Ballast Water including anti rolling tank 1794,4 m³
F.O. 669,9 m³
D.O. 76,7 m³
Recovered oil 494,7m³
Oil waste water 12,8 m³
Sludge tank 9,6m³
Container Possibility of installation on the deck and breaking-out on twistlok 12 containers FEU.
Solid Cargo Holds №1 – 548 m³ №2 – 167 m³
All liquid tank fitted with the level monitor and alarm device (YES/NO) Yes
Main Engine – Generator Wartsila 6L32 – 4 х 3000 kW Fuel consumption: 180 кg / kWh (power 100%)
Fuel Type Fuel Oil / Diesel  oil
Propulsion system 2 x AZIPODICE 1400 Full-circle rudder propellers (WRC) with fixed pitch propellers rated at 3500 kW each.
Auxiliary boiler Aalborg Heat master S-MAN 1500 kW
Emergency Generator MAN D2866LXE20 224 kW, 400V, 50Hz
Stand-by Generator WARTSILA 520W4L20 520 kW, 400V, 50Hz
Thrusters (DP) Bow thruster like “screw the pipe” with fixed pitch propeller 2 x SCANA” FPT 2.25-D 1400
Maximum 15 knots
Economical 10 knots
Total person onboard (max) 125
Quarters Cabins:
5×1 (block cabin); 5×1 (for officers);
12×1 (for crew); 2 x 2 (alternate cabins)
12 x 1 (for the accommodation of additional staff еach cabin has an extra bed folding).
All cabins are equipped with the sanitary module including a wash basin, a shower, and toilet.
Total 50 person (and 75 sit places for saved)
Hospital Dispensary -27m².Isolation ward. Hospital on 2 beds-16,9 m².Hospital on 4 beds-22,5 m².Treatment room. Оperating room – 20,2m². Sterilization room.
Office Оffice engineers, Office navigators, Salon for survivor
Dynamic positioning system Dual dynamic positioning system NAVIS Nav DP4000 based on dual control computers is installed. For measurement of the vessel position used:
– Three (3) DGPS.- Two (2) Hydro acoustic. HIPAP SSB&LBS. Sonardyne UM-795000, 350mm.-  One (1) Taut wire system.
Cargo gears Cargo crane type «А-Frame»-M3000,зав. №3313, main deck (-3) .. (-9) w. The angle of the boom to the horizontal or reach at which trial load is applied – 13.2 m / t, trial load – 88 t.2. Hydraulic cargo crane type M2000 / EL, main deck 15 … 18shp.PrB, boom tilt angle to the horizontal or reach, at which trial load is applied – 22.5 m / t (32 mm / t hook), working load at an angle tilt or jack-32t
3. Provision cranes of type M80 / 2S, LB, PrB, Deck -1 tier, 75..77shp. The angle of the boom to the horizontal or reach at which a trial load of 12.5 m / t / 7.3 m / t is applied. Trial load – 2.37t / 5.5t
Helicopter deck According to rules ОАТGA-90 &ICAO take off and landing platform (TLP) for reception of the helicopter with a lump to 16 t. without permanent basing.
Diving equipment Diving equipment for maintenance of works on depths up to 60 m. Arrangement of the diving equipment in two 20’’ containers on the main deck.  For descent/raising of divers the special well on the main deck with a size in light 3,5x 3,5m is provided. The diving equipment is made according to the IMCA standards.
Satellite communications system VSAT Sailor 900
Search means One high definition dual frequency side scan sonar system Sonar Tow fish 4200-P.Additional installation and connection on the vessel is possible:                                                                                                                                                                   – Remote operated deep-water vehicle (ROV) -SUB fighter 30K (or similar).Electric winch expansions of a cable with cable in length of 2500 m.
–  The hydraulic ROV complex Quasar (or similar). Winch with HPU for 3500 m.
One high definition dual frequency side scan sonar system.
OSR equip. Onboard oil gathering system consisting of 2 Lamor side sweep arm system LSS 12m, 2 Lamor crane systems for LSS (PS/SB), 2 Lamor landing craft 7500, heavy booms – 250 м., floating booms – 250 м., 1 Lamor free floating skimmer system LFF100, 1 Lamor free floating arctic skimmer system LAS125.
Boats High-speed daughter  craft (Munin 1000,Norsafe) from fire retardant glassfibre of 10.6 m in length with speed min. 30 knots and up to 24 persons capacity for delivery of an emergency stuff and emergency supply, rescue of people from a surface of water, and also performance of hydrographic functions with davit is established on the forecastle deck Starboard.
The rescue boat (RB450CSFF,Hatecke GmbG) with rigid bottom and fix board with foam filled fender of 6 persons capacity with outboard motor (Yamaha 40Hp), is mounted on the forecastle deck Port side.
Two Lamor landing craft  LLC-7500 with cabin, LOA 7,5m.,B-2,6m.
Special fire-fighting systems Special fire main system: – three pump units with the drive from the main engines;  three monitors, each of three monitors supply water with capacity 1200m³ / h or foams with capacity 300 m ³ / h.; – four 4-valve-boxes.
Special foam fire-extinguishing: – two monitors 300m ³ / h. and additional FOG/JET – 222m ³ / h.; – a reserve of foam for 30 min.
Special dry powder system: – The container is charged with abt. 2500 kg of powder, that to covers abt. 2500 m² area., cylinders with nitrogen, dry powder is supplied by one monitor with capacity 45rg/s and two hand hose lines.


In total 2 vessels of this project MPSV06 are constructed:

“Beringov Proliv” port of registry is Korsakov;

“Murman” port of registry is Murmansk