Морспасслужба Росморречфлота



SPASATEL DEMIDOV – multipurpose salvage vessel (project MPSV07)

Ship-owner Marine   Rescue   Service
Type of the vessel Multippurpose salvage vessel
Flag The Russian Federation
Home Port Novorossiysk, Russia
Builder Russia
Year Build 2015
Classification КМ Arc 5 1 AUT1-ICS OMBO FF3WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Salvage ship
Call Sign UBА09
Sailing Area Unlimited
Official Number IMO No 9681443
Length Overall 73,00 m.
Length BP 67,94 m.
Breadth Moulded 15,50 m.
Depth Moulded 6,70 m.
Draught Loaded (full) 5,10 m.
Deck Area 299  m2
Deck strenght 3 t/m²
cargo hold’s deck 5 t/m²
Gross Tonnage 2532 rt.
Net Tonnage 759 rt.
Deadweight (maximum draught) 1109 t.
Deck equipment
Anchor 3 x 2295 kg.
Anchor Chain Ø 44,0 mm, 500 m.
Deck cranes 2 х M850EL Sormec
Electro-hydraulic  cranes cargo carrying capacity of the columns (SWL) 20 ton with 15 m boom.
M06/2S Sormec
Electro-hydraulic crane 0.985- 0.320t, boom -6.00m.
Tank Capacity
F. Water 78,33 m³.
Waste water 23,7 m³.
Liquid Mud 5,0 m³.
Oily waste water 15,67 m³.
F.O. 295,03 m³.
D.O. 42,59 m³.
Recovered oil 688,66 m³.
Container 6 TEU
Main Engine – Generator Wartsila 8L20 – 4 х 1440kW. Fuel consumption: 200 g/kWh (power 100 %) 195 g/kWh (power 85 %)
Fuel Type IFO 180 / MDO
Propulsion system 2x Steer prop SP45D/L3600
Full-circle rudder propellers (WRC) with fixed pitch propellers rated at 2060 kWt each.
Auxiliary boiler MISSION V4-TFO-010 AALBORG
Auxiliary boiler on an organic coolant 1000 kW; 150-190 0C – 2 units
Emergency Generator Emergency diesel generator AC 1500 r /min, 400V, 50 Hz, power 136 kW
Stand-by Generator Parking diesel generator AC 400V, 50 Hz, 1500 r / min, the electric power of 300 kW units.
Thrusters (DP) Bow thruster like “screw the pipe” with fixed pitch propeller 2 x 995 kW Wartsila Propulsion CT\FT 175M
Maximum 15 knots
Economical 10 knots
Total person on board (max) 52
Quarters Сabins:
4x 1 (with study, bedroom, lounge, bathroom)
10×1 (enhanced with toilet and bath)
6×1 (with toilet and bath).
14 x 2 (for the accommodation of additional staff 48 beds and 53 sit for saved
Hospital Hospital on 6 bed; Sanitary room – 1 bed; Sterilization room, Isolation room -1 bed.
Dynamic positioning system Dual dynamic positioning system Conver team based on dual control computers is installed. For measurement of the vessel position used:
-Three (3) DGPS/GLONASS (Veripos LD2S).
-Two (2) Sonardyne Ranger, type 8021 350mm
-One (1) Taut wire system (500m,  ø11.4mm).
Helicopter deck Two zones in a nose and a stern of the vessel.
Diving equipment Diving equipment for maintenance of works on depths up to 60m (SDS≤60). Arrangement of the diving equipment in two 20’’ containers on the main deck. For descent/raising of divers the moonpool on the main deck with a size 1,2x 1,2 m is provided
Satellite communications system VSAT Sailor 900
Searchmeans The towed side-looking sonar of type 4200 SP Edge Tech for used on depths up to 1000m.
OSR equip. On-board oil gathering system LSC-5C/2800 LAMOR, heavy booms – 250м. – LAMOR HDB1500, floating booms – 250м – LAMOR FCB1200, skimmer – Weir LWS800 LAMOR (100 m³/h.), boat РК-700 Baltic Craft.
Boats Fast rescue craft. Hall-ship building aluminum, L-8.5m,-3.5m, Max speed -35kn.
High-speed rescue/working craft Artic-850 type, length 8,5m, speed until 25 knots, capacity until 17 pers. Craft is located on the upper deck SB./
2 boats РК-700 Baltic Craft. Engine is Steyr MO236, 230 h.p. Speed is to 25 knots. Cargo capacity is of to 1700 kg.

In total 4 vessels of this project MPSV07 are constructed:

“Spasatel Karev” port of registry is Sankt Petersburg;

“Spasatel Kavdeykin” port of registry is Murmansk;

“Spasatel Zaborschikov” port of registry is Vladivostok;

“Spasatel Demidov” port of registry is Novorossiysk;

There is license for transportation of dangerous goods, including radio-active materials. Also there is license for towing.