Морспасслужба Росморречфлота





Vessel Project 911b
Designation of the ship River pusher for towing and pushing non-self-propelled vessels
Flag Russian Federation
Place of construction Velikiy Ustyug, Russia
Years of construction 1962 – 1978
PPP class P1,2A
Swimming Area WB discharge “P” and “L” without outlet to reservoirs discharge “P”
Length max 28.60 m.
Width largest 6.90 m.
Board height 1.80 m.
Floodboard 1.43 m.
High from overhead power to fixed body parts 7.9 m.
Rail Precipitation (largest) 0.92 m.
Full displacement 131.5 t..
Gross capacity 151.94 reg.
Deadweight 13.73 t.
Dock weight 107.6 t.
Rail device:
Number, type, brand of steering machines One, WG1.6-4
Drive system hydraulic
Number, steering Two rudders, two joint slewing heads
Spare Drive Type electrohydraulic
Jakor device:
Type, mark of anchor mechanism (nose) Electric hand-held windlass
Type of anchors (weight of anchors) Sailor (2 x 125 kg)
Circuit length 76 m, 51 m.
Caliber of chains 15 mm
Construction of chains No braces
Type, anchor mechanism brand (stern) ELB1,5/12 (towing winch)
Type of anchors (weight of anchors) Sailor (200kg)
Length of chains (cables) 1.0 m. (towing cable)
Caliber of chains (cables) 22 mm
Construction of chains No braces
Rescue supply According to PPH
Fire protection equipment:
System Water Suppression
Type, quantity, pressure, pump flow 3K-6, one, 0.45-0.3 MPa, 30-61 m³/h
Main mechanisms:
Quantity, mark Two 6 CHSP 18/22
Factory manufacturer “Daldizel”
Power, speed Two at 150 hp/110 kW at 750 rpm
Number, type, speed Two steel screws, 4-blade, 375 rpm
Auxiliary motors:
Quantity, mark SD 245.2.21 or K-962M (4Ch10.5/13)
Factory manufacturer ZAO PFC ETM / Yuzhdizelmash, Moscow, Russia Tokmak
Power, speed 50 kW, 1500 rpm. / 30 kW, 750 rpm
Electrical equipment:
Node of current, voltage Variable 230 V.
Number, make and power of generators One, ESS-81-4M101 20 kW, One, MSK-82-4 30 kW
Mark, voltage, emergency battery capacity 6ST-128 4 pieces; 24 V; 128 A/hr.
Radio equipment:
VHF – radio-telephone station (300,025 – 300,225 MHz) KAMA-R
Project environment 911B:
“B-237” – Azov-Black Sea branch,
“B-404, B-411, B-505 – Tver branch,
“RT-214 – Primorsky Branch.