Морспасслужба Росморречфлота





PLAVCRAN type KPL-16-30
Designation of the ship Traveling full swivel diesel-electric floating crane
Load capacity 16.00 t.
Extension of the arrow 10 – 30 m.
Registration data:
Flag Russian Federation
Place of construction g. Bohr, Teplokhod Plant, Russia
Years of construction 1981 -1989
Projects P-108, 81050
PPP class “O” 2.0
Swimming Area GDP discharges “L” and “R” at a wave height of 1% of the wind speed of no more than 1.2 m/s, without leaving the lake and reservoir discharge “R”
Length of the longest (the arrow is arranged in a traversal way) 51.80 m.
Width largest 16.0 m.
Board height 2.60 m.
Floodboard 1.48 m.
High from OP to fixed body parts 10.0 m.
Rail Precipitation (largest) 1.12 m.
Minimal settling 1.03 m.
Full displacement 515,80 t.
Gross capacity 453.3 reg. t.
Deadweight 49.8 t.
Dock weight 436 t.
Anchor device:
Type, anchor mechanism brand (nose 2 pcs) YASH2P Spike
Type of anchors (weight of anchors) Sailor (200kg)
Circuit length 77 m.
Caliber of chains 22 mm
Construction of chains With struts
Type, anchor mechanism brand (stern) Brassel
Type of anchors (weight of anchors) Sailor (2 x 400 kg)
Length of chains (cables) 2 x 77 m.
Caliber of chains (cables) 28 mm
Construction of chains With struts
Rescue supply According to PPH
Fire protection equipment:
System Water Suppression
Type, quantity, pressure, pump flow 3K-6A; one; 0.6 MPa; 30-65 m³/h
Main mechanisms:
Quantity, mark One 8Ch23/30 / TMZ 8481.10-09 (modernization)
Factory manufacturer “Engine of the Revolution” / JSC “Tutaevsky MZ”
Power, speed 328.5 kW – 750 rpm. / 338.2 kW – 1500 rpm
Auxiliary motor:
Quantity, mark one diesel 6Ch 12/14
Power, speed 80 hp /58.8 kW/1500 rpm
Factory manufacturer n/p 5939, Tokmak
Dehumidifying NCC-3; 0.2-0.4 MPa; 8-60 m³/hour.
Electrical equipment:
Node of current, voltage Variable 380 V; 230 V; constant 24 V.
Number, make and power of generators One BG-315M-40M4 One MSC 83-4 (total power 365 kW)
Mark, voltage, emergency battery capacity 6St-180; 24V; 360 A/hr.
Radio equipment:
VHF – radio-telephone station (300,025 – 300,225 MHz) KAMA-R
Cranes of type KPL-16-30
Project “P-108”: “PC-109” – Baltic branch;
“PK-506 – Azov-Black Sea branch;
“PK-508”, “PK-1204” – Tver branch;
“PK-712 – Volgograd branch;
Project 81050: “KPL-16-10” – Primorsky Branch;
“PK-407”, “PK-110” – Volgograd branch.