Морспасслужба Росморречфлота




(RUS) Запись на курсы

To enroll in a course you need:
Send an e-mail (utc@morspas.com) with the name of the course and the planned training date.
After confirming that you can register for the course, you will need to send a copy of your passport (first page and registration page), your dimensions (clothes, shoes, height) to us for registration of the contract.
In response, you will be sent a memo at the rate and a receipt for payment for the course.
Payment can only be made by bank transfer at bank branches.
After payment you will need to send a payment receipt by e-mail.
If you need to stay, you can be provided with a place in the dormitory of Morspasluzhby (the location map is in the tab “Center location map”). The cost of living for 2019 is 1000 rubles per day.
Training organization
During the course you will be provided with special clothes, PPE for all modules. It is necessary to have swimming pants or shorts, slates or shower slippers, a T-shirt, warm socks and a hat (during the cold season).

Classes start at 09.00. However, it is better to arrive in advance on the first day of training (if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may not be allowed to enter the course). At lunchtime (12.00-13.00), you will be given lunch (not included in the tuition fee, this is a compliment from our center), but there is no possibility to choose the menu. Therefore, those who are not satisfied with the presented dishes – you will be prompted by the nearest places where you can have lunch.