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Towage of vessels

Towage of vessels

Towage of vessels is a special case in seamanship. Towage is done by transport vessels or heavy-duty rescue tugs. In order to coordinate the trajectory of the towed vessel, especially when it comes to large-capacity vessels, one or two additional tugs are attracted.

Before starting to tow a vessel, you need to consider the route, select the type of towing line, make a preliminary calculation of towage. If the task is planned in advance, it is necessary to attract the qualified employees of Marine Fleet and professional captains. If towage is unplanned (emergency), these calculations should be made by the captain of the vessel on the basis of generally accepted standards of towage.

Kinds of towage and types of towing lines

Towage of by sea can be:

  1. Emergency. It is necessary in those situations when a vessel is damaged, sprung a leak and unable to move independently;
  2. Scheduled. Apply for different types of non-self-propelled vessels;
  3. Auxiliary. Intraport towage within the harbor and on raids.

Towing lines can be homogeneous and inhomogeneous. The first are composed of metal cable, they are reliable and easy to operate. Due to its considerable weight metal cables form a bulk sagging arrow and as a consequence, increase the wear resistance of the material due to deformation of line. At the same elastic tensile of steel cables is low.

Inhomogeneous (combined) towing lines are composed from heterogeneous parts. For example, of the anchor chain and a metal cable or a metal and synthetic cable. The use of a section of the anchor chain in the towing line improves its depreciation performance by transformation. Such line are convenient to use: it is possible to measure its length by underetching or picking up the anchor chainподбирая with the windlass. This simple method is used to achieve durability of fastening of the towing line to the towed vessel.

Towage of vessels by Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot

Our company for more than a dozen years has been a leader in providing services for towage of vessels. We provide services to public and private companies, including companies of the oil and gas industry.

Our rescue has vessels of specialized towing fleet in the arsenal. Our tugs are fully-equipped for towing operations. Each vessel is operated by specially trained and experienced crew, who perform their duties even in emergency situations. This gives us the advantage to offer our services at very attractive prices.

Our task is to provide quality services in full compliance with international standards of safety and environmental protection.