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Variety of the excavation works which are carried out at the sea bed in order to increase their depth, are called dredging.


Types of dredging

Depending of the volume of works, the purposes of conduct and frequency there are:


1. The capital dredging;

2. Maintenance dredging.


The capital works are carried out, if necessary, for improving and developing new shipping routes as well as the construction of hydraulic structures. The capital dredging in the ports has the great economic importance. Their implementation allows the increasing of the capacity of river and sea passage by the servicing larger cargo ships, or the construction of new berths.


The maintenance works are carried out during the periodic cleaning of the sea bed from hirst, sub-wood, mud and other debris in order to maintain the required depth, ensure the normal operation of shipping routes and various hydraulic structures.


Deepening and cleaning of rivers and storage reservoirs

The largest volume of underwater excavation work still accounts for the dredging rivers. In addition to periodic cleaning of navigable canals it is performed the works to broaden and deepen the ship’s routes in order to increase the capacity of waterways. Moreover, the dredging of the river bed is often achieved through the use of blasting in areas with rocky soil.


Cleaning the lake’s bed, natural and man-made ponds are carried out in order to prevent siltation and overgrowing, and, if necessary, the dredging of storage reservoir’s bed carried out. Such measures are prevented the deterioration of water quality, the appearance of blooming, putrid odor, death of fish. Competent approach and professionally cleaning of the pond or lake shall contribute to the restoration of the ecological balance and initiation of the self-cleaning mechanisms of the storage reservoirs.


Equipment used for cleaning and dredging of the storage reservoir’s bed

The quality dredging requires special expensive equipment in the form of self-propelled and self-propelled floating equipment, which are performed excavation and replacement of soil in the place of its storage.


Dredging of the storage reservoir’s bed can be done by the dredging devices or suction dredger which is extracted the soil and silt in the form of water-soil slurry.


Maritime Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot is ready to cooperate with potential customers in any options of the dredging. In our arsenal there are a sufficient fleet of equipment and machinery to carry out the orders (project) of any complexity and volume. Depending on the task, we are able to ensure the formation of multi-functional technical systems of any complexity. Highly qualified professionals and adequate technical base of the Maritime Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot are allowed the realization of any orders by qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.