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Education of rescuers

Education of rescuers


On the basis of our training center it is conducted the education of the rescuers and training the staff of search-and-rescue units and formations. Our center has no analogies in the country. Marine rescuers with any level of training as well as seafarers could receive additional professional education only in our center.


About training

Classes at the center are conducted by instructors and teachers with many years of practical experience in training people to work in the ships which are dealt with the elimination of river and sea accidents. Students are trained on the safety navigation on the special simulators. At the courses they learn to eliminate the oil spills, organize and carry out of search and rescue of people in distress at sea as well as underwater technical works and rising wrecks.

In our center we could provide a professional advancement in the following areas:

1. divers;

2. remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) operators;

3. Engineer of compressor for air supply to divers;

4. diver – welder-cutter;

5. rescuers;

6. drivers of small vessels;

7. specialists for oil spill response 1,2,3 Tiers.

The list of occupations for which it is possible to go further training in our center, includes more than 50 different specialties.

Main program of education

Work under water and on the sea – it’s a multi-faceted activity of entire teams of people. This is hard work that requires a high physical and professional training. Employees of emergency services have to be hardy, brave, stubborn. Divers are often forced to perform tasks associated with the search, and with the rescue and repair, and with the construction of various facilities. They often conduct surveys and rising the cargo and vessels, paving and examine inverted siphons.

Work of rescuers on the sea – it is very special in all respects work that requires special training. That is why the rescuers are learning at our courses. When an accident occurs, the health and lives of many people depends on the coordinated and dynamic activity of the staff of rescue services.

Often the rescuers are in front of serious difficulties: at the bottom may be loose ground, visibility can be zero, the water is cold. In order to confidently meet the challenges they have to undergo periodic retraining. Our courses will get acquainted with modern methods and techniques of salvage and rescue, with new equipment. The staff of our center will conduct hands-on training in equipped laboratories, in the pool, on the open water. The theory is taught in the classroom which are equipped for training in accordance with a special program.

Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) operators

The Courses of the remotes operated underwater vehicle (ROV) operators –  professionals which are operated with remotes operated underwater vehicle (ROV), are included the practices and theoretical education. Many specialist and inexperienced persons have already educated at the Courses of ROV in our center. The most attention is paid to piloting vehicle, practice and theory, the management of cable-rope and observations.

Education of the ROV management is carried out in a specially equipped classroom in the simulator and practical training in the 25-meter pool. Do not overestimate your skills and do not underestimate the level of complexity of the management of these machines running. The smaller size of the device, the more difficult to operate. Our instructors will show you how to do it on special simulators, talk and teach everything you need to successfully operate ROV.

After a full course of training, participants receive the following knowledge and experience:

1. Learn teamwork and interaction;

2. Obtain the experience which will help them to choose and use the tool for repair, maintenance


3. Learn to determine the cause of the malfunction and to eliminate them;

4. Learn to fly remotes operated vehicles;

6. Will participate in complex operations descent vehicles, learn to compile reports on the

progress and outcome results.

About ROV simulator

The simulator ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicles) makes it possible to train pilots to practice. Using it they get the skills as well as fulfill the task of monitoring the objects under water. Our teachers tell you step by step and show in practice how to work on the simulator. Only second-level certificate holders – those who have passed preliminary tests, are allowed for training and working on this simulator.

In our training center the operators of the second level will be trained how to assist during the work with ROV operations managers, they will be able to coordinate the audio, video, keep a record dive. After graduation this course, students will be able to fulfill all the requirements of occupational Safety and Health, environmental safety. The hundreds of students have successfully completed of the courses of ROV in our center and started to work.