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Surveys of Ships

Surveys of Ships

Sea and river transport is exposed to the impact of sea, and therefore wears out much faster than the land transport. The structural elements of the ships are in need of routine maintenance and repair for ensuring their reliable operation.

Routine inspection allows quickly identifying any damages of the construction of ships and eliminating them.

How to carry out the surveys of ships?

The inspection of vessels can be carried out at the dock or onboard.

Underwater inspection saves a lot of time and resources. The assessment of the condition of the ship can be conducted without its decommissioning.

The surveys of ships are conducted by specially trained divers. All inspection results are entered in the records of inspection. Inspection is performed with using an underwater video and photo equipment to broadcast in real time. All footages are attached to the report. To accurately assess the condition of the paintwork and hull ship are used special defectoscope.

The inspection is carried out in the following order:

1. Specially trained and equipped with the necessary equipment, divers sink to the desired depth;

2. Video broadcast is set from the place of inspection;

3. Inspector monitors on the screen the condition of the underwater part of the hull, if necessary corrects the work of the team. At this point, it checks the condition of the underwater hull, bottom holes, welds, screws ridges.

The Act of the inspection is drawn up after the completion of inspection; the inspector shall make the conclusion.

In what situations is carried out certification of the ship:

  1. For receiving (renewal) license for the transportation of passengers, cargo, permission of the operation;
  2. Assessment of the condition of ship before the purchase/sale of the ship, the transfer it in lease;
  3. Prior to the conduction of the planned maintenance repair;
  4. To assess the possible damage after a collision with other transport facilities, landing on a sandbank.