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Repair and construction of berths and piers

Repair and construction of berths and piers

For the mooring, berthing, repair and maintenance of ships, boats, yachts and other craft built special hydraulic structures – berths and piers. Berth is a specially equipped place in the coastal zone, and the pier – a construction which is put on the waters of the basin.

In most cases, the construction of berths and piers also includes a range of activities to strengthen the coastline and equipped the territorial of embankment.

Currently, the scope of operation of such hydro technical constructions is significantly expanded. Berths and pontoons are increasingly used for recreation, swimming and fishing.

Type of berth

The berths and piers are divided into two categories accordingly to the principle of their construction and type of construction elements used:



The choice of method is determined by the object’s purpose and location, natural conditions, topography, soil type, original specifications.

Pile berths and piers

For the construction of pile structures is a used the permanent supporting structure from the metal, concrete or reinforced concrete. Selection of the used material and the dimensions of the piles are carried out taking into account the depth and sea bed characteristics of the coastal area, the estimated wave and wind loads, type of floating objects which are used it.

Pontoon waterworks

Construction of piers on the basis of the pontoons is more mobile and less costly option. Pontoon berth quickly mounted, if necessary, it can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location or to expand and change its configuration by adding new elements.

Repair and Maintenance

For ensuring the safe operation of the berths and piers it requires their constant maintenance and periodic repairs. Repair of the berth can include study of the condition of the structures, the performance of underwater engineering, repair and shore protection works.

The service of the repair and construction of berths and piers by the Maritime Rescue Service.

For any questions concerning the construction of hydraulic structures, you can contact to the Maritime Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot. You can get professional advice on building and repairing of piers and berths. Our professionals will be able to visit the area for the purpose of a preliminary survey, make the necessary measurements and determine the scope of work. You will receive the recommendations concerning the choice of the type of hydraulic structures and construction of the facility.

You can order the full range of design and construction of piers and berths of any complexity, the construction of sea berths and their maintenance. All work is done by highly qualified specialists with the necessary skills and knowledge, backed up by extensive practical experience. The modern equipment for building and high-quality of the professional’s team enables us to guarantee the fulfillment of the task.