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Ship repair

Ship repair

FBI “Marine Service” provides the services for maintenance and repair of sea and river ships. Modern equipment for repair, qualified personnel, state standards of quality, great experience and excellent reputation – these are the main arguments in favor of prompt, professional repair of ships and vessels, restoring their initial characteristics.

During operation or docked in the port the ship is exposed to various unfavorable factors: sea and river water, strong salty wind, ultraviolet light repeatedly reflected and amplified by the water surface, normal wear and aging of materials – all of this has a negative impact on the working units and hull of ship. As a result there are rapidly developed corrosion, different deformations, mechanisms wear.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are necessary conditions for the normal operation of the vessel and its trouble-free operation. Technical faults are threatened not only the loss of efficiency of the vessel. If failure happens in the middle of the reservoir or in a storm, there is a high risk of loss of cargo, and there is a danger to life as the most importantly. Trust company with half a century of history and the state standards of quality. Experts FBI “Marine Service of Rosmorrechflot” restore the original performance of the ship.

We are conducting the following repair works:

Overhaul of the vessel;

Planned repairs;

Hull repair;

Ship repair in dock;

Repair of bottom-intake valves;

Repair of propeller-rudder system;

Repair of water-proof floors;

Repair of electrical equipment and automation;

Repair of the main and auxiliary engines;

Repair of pipeline systems;

Modernization and reconstruction of ships.

How does conducted the repair and maintenance of ships?

The survey of the vessel is conducted at the first stage; the technical specification (Terms of Reference) is developed together with the customer of works. Then on the basis of it the project of the repair-service work is developed.

All work is carried out by professionals in accordance with state standards. Each step is accompanied by a strict quality control. The guarantee are granted after the completion of repair.