Морспасслужба Росморречфлота



Rescue operations

Rescue works

Emergencies often occur at numerous reservoirs of Russia, requiring urgent search and rescue operations.  About forty people die every day in the water, and it is only within our country.  This horrifying statistics show the relevance of the work of rescuers, providing assistance to people in distress.

Rescue works on the water

Emergency rescue actions are a set of measures aimed at rapid assistance to people in distress in the water. An important condition for providing assistance to drowning people is promptness. Thus local state executive service, as well as enterprises, organizations and institutions in the territory of which the accident occurred, are required prior to the arrival of rescue teams to conduct search operations, provide medical assistance to the injured. If possible, you need to keep the state of the scene in its original form (after the accident). Evacuation of the wrecked vehicle (water, land or onshore) is carried out by means of the person or company using this transport. Removal of the vehicle can also be carried out by other companies at the expense of the person or company using this transport.

Search and rescue operations on the water are carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Localization of the search space;
  2. Preparation of tools for assistance;
  3. Planning of search and rescue activities;
  4. Performing search operations and assistance to injured.

Features of performance of rescue operation

The type and quantity of technical means depends on the selection of the optimal scheme of search for injured. All work must be carried out by specially trained persons.

When forming the search team, it must be remembered that due to prolonged observation a person accumulates fatigue and, as a result search performance decreases.  One observer can monitor the surroundings qualitatively no more than two hours, then you need to change the observer.

Terms of terminating search operations:

  1. All the areas in the water, where injured can be, are inspected;
  2. All locations, where injured can be, are inspected;
  3. It has been too long since the start of the rescue operation.

If there is a chance that at least one person has survived it is prohibited to terminate rescue operation and  leave the scene of the accident.

Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot

The activity of the state rescue service of Russia is aimed at the timely assistance to victims of emergencies on the water. For conducting prompt and effective rescue operations, the arsenal of the institution includes: emergency rescue fleet, marine evacuation system, several lifeboats and speedboats, fast rescue boat, rubber boat, basket stretcher, rescue network, as well as line-throwing device. The rescue operations involve specially trained divers who have at their disposal a variety of diving systems and stations for rapid deployment. High professional training, coupled with high-quality equipment guarantees efficient conduction of search and rescue operations, even in the Arctic regions. We know the price of human life and are willing to make every effort to preserve it.