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Construction and maintenance of subsea pipelines

Construction and maintenance of subsea pipelines

Main pipelines are the most convenient, fast and cost-effective way of transporting large volumes of hydrocarbons (natural gas), water, various products of petrochemical and chemical industries. However, it is important to take into account that the underwater sections of the transport systems are subjected to serious tests, caused by erosion at the bottom of ponds and coastal slopes, deep soil deformation, floods. Designing, laying and repair of subsea pipelines is a complex process that requires strict observance of a number of technical regulations. Such work can be entrusted only to professionals.

MRS designs and constructs subsea pipelines. Complex of technical means to study the bottom of ponds, professionals, modern equipment, strict state control – all this is the key to successful realization of the most complex projects.

Design and construction of submerged crossings

Underwater pipeline is a complex hydraulic structure, experiencing severe stress. The consequences of any accidents on underwater pipelines are much more serious than on linear, and the cost of repair is a lot higher.

Designing of underwater transport systems in our organization is preceded by detailed studies of the bottom of the reservoir, geological processes, the analysis of seismic activity and weather conditions.

Only after detailed hydrogeological studies the design of the pipeline system is developed and the method of laying of the underwater pipeline determined:

  1. pulling through through  the bottom of the reservoir;
  2. Immersion of the pipeline with filling it with water;
  3. Lowering using cranes;
  4. Consistent extension and laying of the underwater pipeline using barges;
  5. Consistent extension with welding joints afloat.

Maintenance and repair of subsea pipelines

Repair of underwater pipelines by complexity and duration can be compared with the construction of new hydraulic engineering structures. Elimination of the consequences of the accident takes considerably longer than the repair of ordinary linear sections. Therefore, for security purposes regular maintenance of underwater pipelines and inspection of their condition are required. We perform device-diving inspection of underwater sections of pipelines. Modern flaw detectors and vast experience of our divers as a result allow to identify at an early stage and prevent any violation of the integrity of the product lines.

Based on the results of the research phased project of repair works are developed, strengthening of waterworn areas is performed.