Морспасслужба Росморречфлота



Diving operations

Survey of bottom of ponds

MRS provides a range of services: diving inspection of the bottom of the water area, diving inspection of hydraulic structures and similar services related to the underwater works. The survey is conducted either visually or with the use of video cameras or photo fixing, television devices – such as locators and thickness gauges. Underwater inspection are carried out by professionals with years of experience in performing similar work and unique experience.

Diving survey of bottom means:

  1. Survey of bottom;
  2. Mapping;
  3. Inspection of different kinds of cables and lines in the water;
  4. Inspection of underwater parts of restored or operating equipment, facilities.

Why is it necessary

Our experts will help in the survey of the bottom of the fairway of channels, riverbeds, if necessary – identification of types and characteristics of soil for further construction works. They will help to identify the bottom topography, obstacles, lumps interfering with the normal operation of the equipment and carry out the installation works. They will carry out removal of all sorts of obstructions and prepare the area of the bottom for secure work. Using our services you will provide safe presence of people in the water.

After completion of the work the customer receives a certificate testifying to the provision of services on inspection and cleaning. It will serve as a basis for the calculations as well as for the start of construction works. Available at the disposal of our employees expensive professional equipment allows you to get a full picture of the state of water areas. This may be include using acoustic devices and televisions.

Time of year is not an obstacle to our experts, any service can be ordered in the cold season.

Availability of complexes KVK-A, KVK-L, KVK-60, modern diving vessels allow work at a depth of sixty meters with two employees. We have the most sophisticated equipment – these are pressure chamber and diving equipment, as well as heating agents for divers, communications, lighting, equipment for welding and cutting. We will perform work of any complexity.

Cleaning of bottom of ponds

MRS provides services related to the cleaning of ponds and reservoirs, fire reservoirs, cleaning the bottom from sludge. The bottom of the many ponds quickly becomes soiled with mud, garbage, organic, so they need periodic cleaning. Periodic cleaning of the bottom of allows to avoid such troubles as algal blooms, odors, inability to use the equipment and facilities.

Work on cleaning and deepening the ponds involve the use of expensive equipment.

Services on cleaning of ponds include the following works:

  1. Cleaning of water ponds from sludge;
  2. Cleaning of natural water bodies;
  3. Dredging;
  4. Biological treatment of ponds;
  5. Cleaning of water from algae.

Cleaning methods

Some cases require manual removal of sludge and foreign objects from the bottom of ponds. Professional divers are involved to perform complex works. Special machinery, such as skidders are used during cable-scraper cleaning method. The standard technique, such as excavators and lifting gear are used if temporary dewatering of the reservoir is possible, with direct access.

Using technical fleet (these may be floating cranes, manipulators, trawls vessels) our staff will perform cleaning of rivers, reservoirs and other open water areas.

Ejector machines, dredgers and other ways and mechanisms of hydromechanization enable cleaning of any ponds. If necessary, the transportation of sediment from the bottom is organized with the help of the pipeline.

Cleaning of bottom is a very hard work, requiring the use of expensive equipment, well-coordinated work of professionals. All this can be provided by MRS.