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Marine evacuation system Viking

Marine evacuation system (MES) consists of an inflatable directing launching appliance the a floating platform and is designed for fast and safe landing in rescue facilities, in particular, dropped inflatable rafts. MES allows the evacuation of 10-12 people in just one minute. MEA Viking is installed on the multifunction rescue vessel «Spasatel Karev» and has two life rafts for 101 people each and four life rafts for 51 people each.

Operation of MES is possible under adverse conditions with angle of trim up to 10° and list up to 20° to either board. Maximum angle of the evacuation slide is 30-35° when the ship on an even keel, and can have a maximum value of 55° for passenger vessel. Satisfactory evacuation of the vessel can be carried out in a wind force of up to 6 points of Beaufort scale.


Speed lifeboat HITEK-75

Length — 7,58 m

Width — 2,65 m

Transom height — 0,635 m

Transom deadrise — 21 degrees

Empty weight (without engine and fuel) — 810 kg

Carrying capacity — 1290 kg

Diameter of cylinder –  0,5 m

Fuel tank capacity — 230 l

Maximum engine capacity — 150 hp

Passenger capacity — 10 pers.


Speed rescue boat Sportis S-7500K

Displacement — 2,0 t

Length — 7,56 m

Width — 2,5 m

Depth — 2,45 m

Draft — 0,5 m

Freeboard minimal depth — 1,5 m

Capacity/type of the main engine — 340 (hp) «Yanmar»

Maximum speed – 42 knots

Carrying capacity – 1000 kg

Crew – 2 pers.

Passenger capacity – 10 pers.


Speed rescue boat Favorit F-470

Length – 4,7 m

Width — 2,0 m

Curb weigh – 115 kg

Engine capacity — 40 hp

Carrying capacity – 920 kg

Passenger capacity – 8 pers.


Rescue boat BP-820

Length – 8,4 m

Width — 2,5 m

Curb weigh – 115 kg

Engine capacity — 320 hp

Speed –25 knots

Carrying capacity – 1500 kg

Passenger capacity – 14 pers.

Navigability – 5 points

Range – 200 miles


Rescue boat Parker 900 Baltic

Length — 9.00 m

Cockpit length — 8.95 m

Width — 3.16 m

Cockpit width — 1.85 m

Diameter of cylinder — 0.58 m

Number of chambers — 7

Passenger capacity — 18 pers

Engine — 2×350 hp

Fuel tank — 2×220 l


Rescue boats and lifeboat of Artic series

Rescue boat Artic-850 and lifeboat Artic-450 (for 6 persons) are located on the multipurpose rescue ship «Spasatel Karev» and are designed to work under severe climatic conditions, on clean water and slush ice. The hulls are made of corrosion-resistant alloy of high quality marine aluminum. They have onboard cylinders of additional buoyancy, made of modern materials. Due to the cylinders, this type of boats has a very high buoyant, which ensures its practical unsinkability (even a few sections are blown off), less weight and high stability.

Rescue cushion boat Hivus-9

Amphibious boat «Hivus» is designed for year-round operation as a rescue, medical, truck or patrol vessel. Area of ​​operation – water pools with wave height of less than 1.2 m

Total displacement-1600 kg

Payload weight — 1300 kg

Passenger capacity — 9 pers.

Length — 7,56 m

Width — 3,30 m

Depth — 2,45 m

Engine – fuel, capacity -140 hp

Maximum speed on the water -70 km/h

Height of overcome barriers — 0,4 m

Fuel consumption — 20-25 l/h

Fuel tanks capacity — 120 l

Range — до 400 кm

Allowable wind speed – 15 m/sec


Rescue cushion boat Argo

Amphibious cushion boat of «Argo» type is designed for year-round operation as a rescue, medical or patrol vessel.

Total displacement — 2900 kg

Passenger capacity — 16 pers.

Length – 12,2 m

Width – 5,2 m

Floating draft – 0,2 m

Engine – fuel

Capacity -130 hp

Speed on the water — 30 knots

Range — до 300 miles

Allowable wind speed – 15 m/sec


Inflatable boat Zodiac

Inflatable boats Zoom SP 400 by French company  «Zodiac» with wear-resistant aluminum alloy bottom ceiling and inflatable keels. Inexpensive and reliable boat. Wide fender reliably protects the boat from damage. The increased buoyancy of stern endings of the cylinders allow the use of heavier reliable and economical 4-stroke engines.

External length — 4,0 m

Internal length — 3,2 m

External width — 1,92 m

Internal width — 0,9 m

Diameter of cylinder — 0,5 m

Passenger capacity — 7

Maximum carrying capacity — 900 kg

Total weight — 85 kg

Number of inflatable chambers — 5+1

Maximum speed — 25 hp

Maximum engine weight – 72 kg


Basket stretchers

Basket stretchers are made of crossed high-density polyethylene and are designed for rescue operations in the most difficult situations, including lifting a person from the water surface.

Length — 217 sm

Width — 62 sm

Depth — 18,5 sm

Carrying capacity — 278 kg

Weight — 13,5 kg

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Lifesaving net

Marcus lifesaving net is designed to lift people from the water on board of the vessel.

If for some reason a person fell into the water, it is very difficult to get back out on board of the ship with big hull. Besides, the network can be used to raise the person from the water unconscious both manually and by means of any mechanical equipment.

The network is durable and is designed for mass salvation (pulling a few people out of the water at the same time).


Line throwing gun ULM-1


Line throwing gun ULM-1 is designed for feeding the emergency vessel with nylon line, which is used for setting towing rope. Can be used for rescue operations both at sea and on land. Line throwing gun ULM-1 consists of a container K-320, launching device PU-1 and missile RL-1.