Морспасслужба Росморречфлота



Stationary ship firewater monitor FFS 1200/300 Long Barrel with a remote control system

Maximum water flow 1000 m³ / h

Maximum foam flow – 300 m³ / h

Maximum jet length – 120 meters

Maximum jet height – 55 meters at a length of 70 meters

 FFS 1200


Fire power pump Varisco JD 4-100 G10 MLD10

Supply in nominal mode – 130 m³ / h

Head – 24 meters

The largest geometric suction height – 8 m

Engine type – four-stroke diesel;

Weight (dry) of the pump – 108 kg

Varisco JD 4-100 


Fire power pump Magirus NS 10/10
Supply in nominal mode – 80 m³ / h

Head in nominal mode – 100 ± 2 m

The largest geometric suction height of 7.5 m

The ultimate pressure of the pump 16 kgf / cm²

Engine type – four-stroke gasoline

Magirus NS 10 


Fire power pump MP-20/100 «Geiser»
Supply in nominal mode – 72 m³ / h

Head in nominal mode – 100 ± 2 m

The largest geometric suction height – 7.5 m

The ultimate pressure of the pump – 19 kgf / cm²

Diameter of the suction nozzle – 1 × 100 mm

Diameter of the pressure port – 2 × 70 mm

Engine type – four-stroke gasoline

Fuel consumption in nominal mode – 8.6 l / h

Weight (dry) of the pump – 215 kg


Fireman wear

Protects concealable skin from thermal effects::

– At a temperature of environment to 300 ° C – not less than 300 seconds.

– Thermal radiation of the flame of a density up to 5.0 kW / m2 for at least 240 seconds.

– Water and aqueous solutions of surfactants.

Weight of the set – not more than 5 kg.

одежда пожарного 


Breathing apparatus ASV–2

Designed to protect the human respiratory at work in the atmosphere unsuitable for breathing, and when working at depths up to 20 meters. The device can be all-metal or composite cylinders made of braided stainless steel.


Protective action time – 60 minutes

Number of cylinders – 2 pcs

The capacity of the cylinder – 4 l

Working pressure in the cylinder – 19.6 (200) MPa (kgf / cm2)

Opening pressure of the switch of reserve air valve — 3-4 MPa

Overall dimensions – 650 x 295 x 150 mm

Curb weight of the apparatus – 13.2 kg



Breathing apparatus AP OMEGA-S

Is used to protect the respiratory organs and eyes against the harmful effects of toxic gas and smoke during fire fighting and rescue operations in buildings and industrial facilities.


Dimensions – 700x250x340 mm

Weight – 13 kg

Working air pressure – 29.4 – 1.0 MPa

Protective action time – 1-2 hours



Breathing apparatus PTS Farvater

Approved for supply of vessels and objects supervised by the Russian Maritime and River Registers of Shipping, complies with the requirements of SOLAS-74 MK and the International Code for Fire Safety Systems. Is designed for to protect the respiratory organs and eyes against the harmful effects of unsuitable for breathing, filled with smoke and toxic gas environment.

Ambient temperature – – 40 ° C to + 60 ° C

Staying in the environment with a temperature of 200 ° C – 60 seconds

Capacity 6 liter bottle

Protective action time at least 40 min.

Weight 12.6 kg.


ПТС Фарватер 


Dry powder fire extinguishing installation UPT-2500М.

Stock of fire extinguishing agents – 2500 kg.

Productivity of fire monitor – 40 kg / s at a distance of 40 m

Productivity of hand fire nozzle – 25 kg / sec. at a distance of 20 m




Portable froth generator GPP-100, GPP-200 is designed to extinguish fires of fuels and lubricants and solid materials with the exception of special ammunition, fuel and electrical equipment under voltage.

Capacity — 70-130 l/sec,

stream range — 5-8 m,

weight — 3,3 kg,

dimensions — 200 x 150 x 555



Froth generator GPS-600

Medium expansion Froth generator GPS-600 is designed to produce air and mechanical foam of medium expansion from an aqueous solution and supply it into the seat of fire. 

Type – portable,

froth capacity – 600 l/sec,

froth expansion – 100 l/sec,

weight – 4.5 kg,

range of froth supply – 10 m,

dimensions — 584 х 325 х 350 mm,

solution consumption -5,0-6,0 l/sec.



Generator AGS-5M

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generators ofoperational use AGS-5M are designed for localization and extinguishing of fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels and electrical equipment, including under voltage of up to 40 kW, in closed spaces of non explosive category.

Weight — 4,6 kg,

protected capacity(excluding the reserve factor)—60м3,

operating time — not more than 24 sec,

actuating – manual,

operating temperature range — from -50 to + 60 °С, relative humidity at 25 °С.



Dry powder fire extinguishers
Dry powder fire extinguishers are charged with fire extinguishing powder and pumped with inert gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) to a pressure of 16 atm. Designed to extinguish fires of class А, В, С or ВС, depending on the type of powder, as well as electrical installations under voltage of up to 1000 V. Capable of being locked, ensuring the free opening and closing with a simple hand movement. Powder extinguishers are equipped with a pressure gauge. Operating temperature from -40 to +50°С. (G) — generator type, (Z) — pumping.



Carbon dioxide extinguishers 

Are designed for extinguishing the ignition of substances that can burn without air access, electrical fires under voltage up to 1000 V, liquid and gaseous substances (Class B, C). Fire extinguishers should be operated in the temperature range from -40C to + 50C. In the transition of carbon dioxide from the liquid to the gaseous state its volume is increased to 400-500 times, followed by rapid cooling to a temperature of -72 ° C and partial crystallization.