Marine Rescue Service (MRS)



ATLAS – salvage towing vessel (project 1454)

Ship’s Name ATLAS
Ship-owner Marine Rescue Service
Type of the vessel Salvage Towing Vessel
Flag The Russian Federation
Home Port Korsakov
Builder Yaroslavl’, Russia
Year Build 1987
Classification KMUL [1] UAT2 tug
Call Sign UIKS
Sailing Area Unlimited
Official Number IMO No 8724119
Length Overall 58,55 m.
Length BP 52,9 m.
Breadth overal 12,00 m.
Depth Moulded 5,9 m.
mean draft 4,76 m.
Displacement total 1650 t.
Deadweight 436 t.
Gross Tonnage 1178 rt.
Net Tonnage 353 rt.
Deck Capacities
Deck  Area (Clear) 80 m²
Deck Cargo 50,0 t
Deck Strength 5,0 t / m²
Deck equipment
Anchor 2 x Holls anchors, 1250 kg each, plus 1 spare anchor on board
Anchor Chain DIA :  38,0 mm, 225,0 m. starboard; 200,0 m. port
Windlass 1 x 5,0 tons, electric
Capstan 1 x 3,0 tons, electric
Hydraulic Crane Cargo derrick 1x 5,0 tons, electric. – 2,5 м. Starboard; 3.0 м. Port side
Joystick Remote control rowing electric motor.
Tank Capacity
F. Water 148 tons
The total volume of fuel tanks, including the consumable tank 328.73 m3, capacity with a fuel density of 850 kg / m3 – 279.4 tons, including dead stock – 1.7 tons.
All liquid tank fitted with the level monitor and alarm device (YES/NO) Yes
Main Engine ZULCER 8 AL 25/30, 2 х 1 500 hp.
Fuel consumption per engine – with a load of 75% – 4406 kg / day,- with a load of 85% – 4 994 kg / day.
Fuel Type MDO
Propulsive system 1 x PF Sin Kort  Nozzles.
Rudders/Steering Gear Turn Kort Nozzlees   – R15
Generator 2 x main DC  generators PG 1000/750M  Power 2x950kW , 900V, 750rpm / 50 Hz
Stand-by Generator 2 x AC generators DGRA  150/750, Power
2 x 150 kW, 400V, 750 rpm, 50 Hz
Thrusters (DP) 130 kWt/Bow thruster  electric, Power 130kW
Maximum 12 knots
Economical 9,5 knots
Towing/Anchor Handling
Towing Winch Single drum electric, traction force 41 tons.
Tow line 700m/ and more
Towing Brake Brake  holding on 1st layer 40 tons
Safety Equipment
Ring Buoy 8
Life Jacket 40
Life Raft 8 x 10 persons
Rescue Net 1 x main deck
Quarters 12 x 2 berth,12 x 1 berth.Total person on  board with crew 40.
Hospital Hospital – 1
Diving equipment Decompression chamber RKMY
Compressed air system
Diving telephone station
Electrical welding rectifier VAKS 25-80
Boats Boat “Zodiak”
rubber boat without board engine 35 hp.


In total 5 vessels of this project 1454 on balance:

“Epron”- port of registry is Astrakhan

“Kapitan Beklemishev”- port of registry is Murmansk

“Rubin” and “Atlas”- port of registry is Korsakov

“Lazurit”- port of registry is Vladivostok

There is license for towing operations.