Marine Rescue Service (MRS)



BALTIKA – multipurpose salvage vessel (project Р-70202)

Ship’s Name BALTIKA
Ship-owner Marine Rescue Service
Type of the vessel Multippurpose salvage vessel
Flag The Russian Federation
Home Port Bolshoy port of St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Builder Kaliningrad, Russia
Year Build 2014
Classification КМ  Icebreaker 6 [1] AUT1-ICS OMBO FF3WS EPP DYNPOS-1 ECO-S Oil recovery ship(>60°C) Salvage ship Tug Helideck
Call Sign UBUK2
Sailing Area Unlimited
Official Number IMO No 9649237
Length Overall 72,64 m.
Overall width 20,5 m.
Depth at deck 9,0 m.
DraughtLoaded (full) 7,0 m.
Displacement (summerdraft) 5708,8 t.
Deadweight (maximum draught) 2051 t.
Gross Tonnage 3808 rt.
Net Tonnage 1142 rt.
Deck Capacities
Deck Area (Clear) 380.0 m²
Deck strenght 5 t/m²
Deck equipment
Anchor 2×2.295 t. and 1 spare
Anchor Chain DIA  44,0 mm.,  2 x 247,5 m.
Towing winch 750 кН. Rolls Royse TWH 2400/750 W-F 700 м, 750 kN.
Deck cranes MELCAL Electro-hydraulic cargo crane with Harbor SWL (main winch) 25 t, 8m&ST,25 m
Tank Capacity
F. Water 300 m³
Wastewater 16,7 m³
Liquid Mud 7,3 m³
Oily waste water 891 m³
D.O. 1335 m³
Recovered oil 750 m³
Container 10-TEU and 1-FEU.
All liquid tank fitted with the level monitor and alarm device Yes
Main Engine – Generator Wartsila 9L26 D2 – 3 х 3060 kW, 1000 rpm

202,5 g\kWh

Fuel Type MDO
Propulsion system Steer prop, 3 x SP 60

full-circle rudder propellers (WRC) with fixed pitch propellers rated at 2500 kW each

Auxiliary boiler E-PRANG Heat exchanged 475kW
Emergency Generator MAN D 2876 LE 201, OUTPUT 323 kW, 404kVA, 400V 50Hz
Stand-by Generator MAN D 2876 LE 301, OUTPUT 323 kW, 404kVA, 400V 50Hz
Maximum 15.4 knots
Economical 12 knots
Total person on board (max) 42
Quarters Cabins2x1

4×1 (for officers)
6×2 (for crew),

6×2 (for the accommodation of additional staff) each cabin has an extra bed folding All cabins are equipped with private wc/ shower module. Total 36 person (and 32 sit places for saved)

Hospital Hospital and sanitary cabin (1 beds)
Office Operation center

Emergency response center

Deck office

Dynamic positioning  system DP-1
Helicopter deck Arrangement as required by OAT GA-90 and class rules for helicopters having dimensions within D=17 m and maximum weight 11 t.
Diving equipment It is possibility to install diving equipment in container.
OSR equip. On-board LAMOR Built-In Oil Recovery System LORS-D 11 C/4000c/w telescopic arrow and skimmer (LORS-D 230 11 C/L), boat BTW 800 Lamor.
Boats High-speed boat. FR (1) R 6.1 type. Hull is fiberglass material. Length- 6m. Width-2.6м. Engine-TOHATSU 60l.s engine. Capacity -6person. Fuel tank -120l. Speed – 18-36knot.

Working boat. Type -BTW 8000. Hull – ship-building aluminum. Length- 8m. Width-3м. Bow thruster- Vetus BOW 9524C device. The maximum speed – 12knot. Crew – 4 pr. Towing capacity-2,5т. Capacity of a fuel tank-500 L.