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Survey of wells

Survey of wells

The owner of the well, sooner or later thinks about its diagnosis. The survey of wells is a necessary procedure, which is intended for early detection of faults and their elimination. Diagnosis of the well allows for quick repairs and helps to avoid more serious problems in the future. Survey of wells is often used for prophylactic purposes. Do not wait until the liquid supply will be disrupted.

Complete survey of the well

Complex survey allows you to learn:

  1. Dimensions;
  2. Dynamic and static liquid level;
  3. Definition of the construction of the well design and its features;
  4. Determination of soil humidity;
  5. Carrying out the following analyzes: bacteriological, chemical and radiological.

Also checked:

  1. casing string and its tightness;
  2. Serviceability of equipment;
  3. Identification / non-detection of the presence of foreign objects in the well.

The wells may be subject to clogging due to such factors as: the collapse of the open trunk of soil, water chemistry and even the features of the use of the well. Only after conducting a comprehensive study and obtaining the above data it is possible to talk about its further cleaning or repair. A full diagnosis can be made only by means of a survey of the well using a video camera. Video diagnostics will tell what happens at the bottom of your source, you can quickly detect various problems, as well as efficiently and quickly solve them. Video inspection saves time, effort and nerves of the customer.

Diagnosis using ROV

ROV is a modern apparatus for underwater works.  Survey of wells using ROV allows you to completely replace the human work with automatic operation of the machine. During the survey of great depth divers use modern remotely operated device ROV, with which you can analyze the water and soil, as well as conduct visual analysis of the wellheads.

Survey of wells using ROV greatly simplifies the work of the divers and helps to obtain reliable data on the object under study.

After a detailed survey of the well, it may need repair, which will include:

  1. restoration or replacement of the pump;
  2. Replace of the tube if it is permissible by design;
  3. Providing a complete seal of pipes or only some of the parts;
  4. Removal of clogs and cleaning filters;
  5. Mandatory testing and verification of the work done.

Survey of wells by Marine Rescue Service

Specialists of our company for decades are engaged in the diagnosis of wells and identifying reasons for their failures. Our skilled masters are ready to conduct a comprehensive survey, geophysical survey, as well as perform well logging. According to the study, we issue a licensed expert conclusion and a CD recording of the survey, detailed description of the construction and the condition of the well. According to a study we select the most suitable pump and equipment for the well.