Морспасслужба Росморречфлота




Service ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – apparatus with special equipment, which is submerged under water and remotely operated from surface by pilot or group of operators (pilot, navigator, etc.). Underwater inspection by using ROV allows to obtain an objective visual  information about the state of underwater objects in real-time with the possibility of the recording with the purpose of further detailed analysis.

FBI “Marine Rescue Service” provides the following service on:

implementation of the work using the existing ROV:

implementation the work using all above-mentioned ROV by experienced pilots which are certified by IMCA, namely:

provide and maintenance of drilling exploration and operating subsea wells;

inspection of different constructions and objects, parts of sea bottom  and hydro technical constructions using a wide range of attachments sonar equipment, including sonars, multibeam echo sounders, sound imaging sonars as well as numerous cameras and NDT equipment, including measuring the cathode potential and the thickness of residual materials;

underwater technical support of the construction and operation of subsea production systems (MPC), including assembly and disassembly, maintenance and positioning, providing of  the quality control and work with valves and plugs;

a full range of deep-areal prospecting as acoustically and visually, with high precision coordinate detected objects;

emergency and salvage operations, including with the possibility of cutting steel cables up to 100 mm in diameter slinging and unsliging underwater objects, their movement, development and removal of soil;

provision of work of the deep-sea divers;

reseach study including the data collection of hydrogeological and environmental monitoring.